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As some of you know, I’m working on a pretty sweet project this summer. ZOMBIES! Here’s a little snippet of one of them 😛

Started out as a form/lighting study and evolved into Wolverine. Ahh, Logan.


This is such fantastic practice for my brush strokes and what not.


Look at my arms. They are very muscley.

1 part lighting practice, 2 parts just for fun.

What did you say about my mother?!

This assignment is so awesome! I love this class (Imaginative Illustration). It’s still pretty rough since most of my time goes toward stupid Color and Design. Ok so C&D isn’t stupid… I’m just bitter because I’d much rather be working on assignments like THIS!

It’s a book cover illustration for Black Out/All Clear by Connie Willis.

Character design

This week’s assignment for Digital Media 2: Imaginative Illustration is to design 3 characters, 2 versions each. The characters are:

1) Female, young, sophisticated, assassin
2) Old man, feeble, quiet
3) Male, hero, strong, confident

Here are a few that I’ve started with. I’m stumped on the old man, but I’ve never drawn an old man before so that will be a challenge! 🙂

I didn’t have as much time to spend on this as I would have liked due to the immense amount of time it takes to complete ANY task in my other class, but here is my concept art midterm for Digital Media 2. It’s a scene from To Say Nothing of The Dog by Connie Willis (hilarious book).


Pin-up studies

Some moar studies! Pin-ups are fun. The Wacom is wheezing along, but it won’t be long now. I went ahead and ordered a Wacom Intuos4 Wireless. Here’s hoping it works well! Should be here on Monday.

I have a few commissions that I should be working on once it gets here. A portrait, two logos, and a pin-up. Looking forward to getting them done! WOO!